Music is the vehicle for the soul.

The journey begins.

My journey begins often. The ability to change is inherent in all of us. It’s a great strength & a privilege. It means to realize our potential & to reflect on our conditioning. It means to make use of our free will & to choose. We choose everyday, whether we are aware of it or not. Read my blog Hippie Goes Lucky to find plenty of inspiration for change – every little step makes a difference!

Ceremony is my spiritual name that came to me in Aotearoa. A ceremony builds a bridge between the visible world & the tangible spirit world.

Woods. The trees need us. They need a voice. We need the trees, although we don’t seem to have realized this yet as a human species. Trees give us shade & oxygen, they protect the soil & are home to the birds & so many animals. Hug a tree today!

I am here, I am present. So are you. This is the moment that has the power of transformation. Every moment. Let the journey begin … again. It is by changing ourselves that we change the world.

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