Yoni Art – The Feminine Principle in the World today

My art comes with a message. One topic that came through over the last year was the Feminine and the Yoni (Sanskrit word for Vagina) as a representation of The Feminine Principle. This principle is old, ancient. It is active not only in women and female bodies but in all of us.

How different will the world look like when we all learn to embrace our Vulnerability, our Softness, our Cycles of change. We are more than ever in need to bring these feminine qualities into our relationship with ourselves, with the Earth Mother, with each other. Receptivity, listening, sharing instead of pushing, dominating, taking.

This work also touches on the topic of abuse and trauma in a gentle way. Sexual childhood abuse is much more common than we think, and I see it as my legacy as an artist to be a voice for the voiceless. Abuse takes on many forms (not only physical or sexual) and silences us through shame. Art is one way to break the silence, to express and share the pain, and to let it go. This therapeutic process takes time.

Many women suffer from chronic pain in the Yoni area, without talking about it much, trying to function like everybody else. The Yoni is soft and receptive and can store many memories and imprints. Reconnecting with the Yoni through loving and gentle rituals can be healing and a way out of pain.

Watch the video below for an introduction to some of the art work created for this exhibition!

We struggle to honour the Feminine. If we embrace the natural cycles within us, we create much more harmonious lives. The menstrual cycle is a miracle and a mystery at the same time. It teaches us about rest, about attraction, about our own inner power, about survival and letting go. Let’s all embrace the Feminine Principle and come more towards balance. This topic is not only vital for people in a female body but for everyone. We are birthing a new reality. Together.

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