The New Feminine

We share, we empower, we connect. We are different to men (thank God!), and equal!

Every now and then I organize a women’s circle. Life is so much better when done together. We can learn from each other & share our wisdom. These gatherings are designed to be nourishing. I moderate the evening and often speak to a topic. There is always time to reflect and share. You share as much as you feel comfortable (or not at all). We create a safe space together where the is no pressure or expectations. Eventually I would like to create a movement of conscious women who stay connected and contribute to the dialogue between genders and roles in society.

You can connect to the group The New Feminine on the platform meetup. It is my intention to empower & help you find like-minded sisters to do life with. Email me if you want to be part of the next meeting of The New Feminine. Limited spaces.

I look forward to connecting with you! Aum shanti, Ceremony

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