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Trauma are overwhelming experiences that leave us feeling helpless. In a traumatic moment, the body is not a safe place to be and the connection between body and mind is interrupted. The more often a trauma occurs – for example in abusive relationships – the more severe the effects on the nervous system.

Personally, I have done a lot of in depth trauma work. Having grown up around a parent with schizophrenia, abusive relationships are part of my family system. I am grateful for the people who made me resilient in these years. The life that I lead now is a result of having received a lot of divine Grace and having done the ugly work to re-live the pain in order to release and heal it. There were years where I was running away from the pain – Yoga, meditation and dance help me to work through it. Doing this work will always feel overwhelming! Because the pain was overwhelming back then. Trauma work means to re-establish the connection between the body and mind and to strengthen it. You need a guide for this work, for most of it happens in the dark.


I recommend that we work together over at least 5 sessions when we do this deep work. In this session I will help you to:

1. understand and love yourself in this current situation – the foundation for the next steps.

2. bring the body and mind back into balance and harmony – simple Yoga movements and breathing techniques.

3. maybe release old patterns of thinking that stem from trauma – we will use direct psychology to link your experience to childhood. We have to understand in order to let go.

4. establish new ways of being, without the old pain – visualising, planting a new seed (Sankalpa) in Yoga Nidra.

These sessions will start in 2022, as soon as my other work commitments allow. Email me today to schedule a first consultation. In our first meeting we make a healing plan – determining what your goals are, what you would like to work on and where you need support. This can start with a current issue or with a traumatic memory. After the initial consultation, we aim for 4 follow up sessions before we re-assess the process.

First consultation | 1,5 hours | $115

Follow up sessions | 60-75 minutes | $ 75 each

Healing mind and body in Yoga Nidra.


Most sessions will start with you sharing about a current situation / trigger that you would like to work on. I use systematic Yoga practices such as simple Asana (movements) and Pranayama (breathing techniques) to build a solid foundation for your healing. There is no Yoga experience required. I will teach you short Yoga capsules that you can take home. Yoga strengthens the connection between the body and mind. We experience the body as a safe place to be – this got lost during traumatic events, and healing starts right here.

If you remember traumatic event or abuse and you feel ready to work directly with the traumatic memories, I will guide you in this process. It is a process of painful remembering, releasing the stored emotions and of coming back into the present moment where we are safe. This work will incorporate embodied aspects such as movements, skilled touch (head, upper arms, palms of the hands), pillows and blankets, free movement.

Yoga Nidra has proved to me most powerful in healing body and mind and in replacing core believes that stem from trauma. I will use this guided meditation technique and record this aspect of the session for you. It is recommended to practice Yoga Nidra daily. You find a few generic Yoga Nidra on my Soundcloud. Your guided meditation will be personalised for your healing journey.

Together we create more space within yourself for new life experiences.

Be free. Be you.

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