Yoga for stress & anxiety


This session is designed to alleviate stress and anxiety that you are currently experiencing. No Yoga experience is required – I derive from Classical Hatha Yoga that is mindful, rather slow and accessible for all body types.

  • short check-in what causes stress and anxiety, any movement limitations or health conditions
  • you are being guided through a sequence of 5-7 Yoga Asana (movements) or
  • a Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) if movement is not what you need today
  • 1 breathing technique (Pranayama) to practice at home
  • recording of the sequence as a take-away for you

You will feel more calm and grounded at the end of the session. I will record the simple sequence for you so you can practice it at home whenever you need. Ideally we have a few consecutive sessions together; this allows to progress the Yoga practices and to see how things change over the course of a few weeks.


This session takes 60-75 minutes. I ask for $75/session. We meet online.

You will need:

  • comfortable clothing
  • a yoga mat / carpet
  • a blanket to stay warm

This offering starts in 2022, as soon as my other work commitments allow. Email me now to get on top of the list and I look forward to seeing you:

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