Yoga Teacher Training

I manage Kawai Purapura Registered Yoga School and am part of the faculty for the Yoga Teacher Training courses. We offer 200 hours foundational and 300 hours advanced teacher training.

Our 200 hour programme is offered in three different course options each year and trains students in classical Hatha Yoga. It gives a taste of the richness of Yoga that goes way beyond the mat. It is one of the most traditional training programmes that you will find in New Zealand and orientates itself on the Bihar School of Yoga in North-India (Satyananda Yoga Tradition).

You can choose from:

1.) 22 days intensive training January – March

2.) 9 weekends from May to August

3.) 2×9 days intensive training from September to November

Details regarding the content & enrolment for the training is on the website.

If you have questions email me under

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