In times where we feel overly challenged it is good to have an anchor. A sustainable yoga practice can be such an anchor. The classical Hatha yoga system offers a richness of practices with profound effects on the body, mind and emotions. I am happy to help you design a yoga practice that meets your needs & that fits into daily life.

Some circumstances require us to dig deeper & ask bigger questions. It makes sense to access the body’s wisdom when we look for answers & guidance. I have studied Dance Movement Therapy and blend this knowledge with a traditional yogic system. On my own life journey I have overcome much darkness through self-development. When we start to release wrong beliefs about ourselves & the world, we find inner freedom. As a coach and teacher I am passionate about empowering you in your process and about giving you tools to work through challenging times.

I offer sessions in person and online if I feel that I am the right person to support you on your journey. Be in touch & we can discuss details:

Blessings, Ceremony

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