Yoga & Coaching

I offer individual yoga sessions. In times where we feel overly challenged it is good to have an anchor. A sustainable yoga practice can be such an anchor. I help you design a yoga practice that meets your needs & that fits into daily life. The classical Hatha yoga system offers a richness of practices with profound effects on the body, mind and emotions.

Some circumstances require us to dig deeper & ask bigger questions. It makes sense to access the body’s wisdom when we look for answers & guidance. In addition to individual yoga classes I offer personal coaching. My own journey through life brought me in touch with abusive behaviour, trauma, anxiety & beloved ones who have mental health challenges. As a coach I am dedicated to your personal growth & self-development. It is when we release conditioning and wrong beliefs about ourselves & the world that we find endless freedom.

I studied Dance Movement Therapy (with Dance Therapy Association NZ) over two years & am in the process of registering as a Dance Movement Therapist. This includes professional supervision through my mentor. If you have questions feel free to email me: Sessions can also be held online via zoom or skype.

Blessings, Ceremony

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