Yin Yoga with Songs from the Heart

I love Yin Yoga for the deep relaxation it brings to body and mind. In my classes I share my songs from the heart on the guitar, while you relax and release. Movement & music is the perfect combination.

Yin Yoga allows the body and mind to release tension and let go on a deep level; postures are held for 3-6 minutes which sets yin yoga apart from other, dynamic practices. Abdominal breathing is key, activating the parasympathetic nervous system which causes a spontaneous relaxation response in the body. Overwhelmed by the sounds, energies and impressions of our busy lives the breath becomes shallow, causing a stress response in the body. The Yin Yoga practice works on a deep level in the body; the fascia often limits our body’s flexibility as it is the connective tissue around bones and muscles. Dynamic yoga styles only stretch the muscles. Fascia only responds to stretching after 4 minutes. Yin Yoga can be beneficial, not only on a mental and emotional level but also physically in order to increase flexibility and remodel the body’s structure. The duration for which each posture is held is often experienced as a meditation. Often the body would bring up imagery, emotions and memories during the practice. This can be very cleansing, sometimes emotional. The songs support this process in a very gentle way.

Get in touch if you would like me to do a class at your studio or event. You can listen to some of my songs here.

Om shanti, Ceremony

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